Picoway Laser

Pre and Post Treatment Recommendations 

Please inform and provide us with any current or past medical conditions, disease or medication(s) that you take. Recently tanned skin cannot be treated. Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight, tanning booths, and self-tanning skin care products during the 2 weeks leading up to your appointment and throughout the complete treatment period.


2 weeks before your PicoWay Resolve treatment, avoid these products and/or procedures:

  • Electrolysis

  • Waxing

  • Depilatory Creams

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • BOTOX injections


3-5 days before your PicoWay Resolve treatment, avoid these products and/or procedures:

  • Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac

  • Any products containing retinol, alpha -hydroxy acid (AHA), beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), or benzoyl peroxide

  • Any exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating

  • Patients who have had medical cosmetic facial treatments or procedures (e.g. laser therapy, surgical procedures, cosmetic filler, microdermabrasion, etc.) should wait until skin sensitivity completely resolves.




After the treatment, patients typically appear red for the first 24-48 hours. Some patients experience short-term effects such as erythema (redness), itching, mild burning, swelling and temporary bruising which can be treated with antihistamines or a topical 1% hydrocortisone until it has subsided.

No intense or excessive sweating for the first 24hrs after treatment e.g. saunas, hot tub or hot yoga, or until redness has subsided. 


Pigmented areas may appear darker or lighter for the first several days, but return to normal pigmentation colour in less than a week. You may see darker spots peeling or falling off in the treatment site. This is a normal part of the process.  Do not pick or scratch the treatment area during the healing process.

The following 6-8 weeks will slowly reveal desired results to the treatment area.


Do not wear any makeup or scented products on your face for 12hrs after your procedure, as this may cause irritation.

The PicoWay Resolve Laser treatment is meant to be done in conjunction with a skincare routine. After your first laser session, we recommend a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and a physical sunblock of at least SPF 30, reapplying every 2 hours -- the skin is very sensitive after a laser treatment so it's critical to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible.