PMU Removal FAQ's

How much is laser tattoo removal for eyebrows?

We charge $150 per session for eyebrow removal. If you purchase a package of (3) sessions or more then you receive a 20% discount.

Will my existing hair follicles be damaged by the laser?

No, the PicoWay does not damage hair follicles however, the pigment in the hair might be targeted which will cause temporary frosting of the hair itself.

How many sessions will it take to remove my eyebrows?

The number of sessions required to remove your brows depends on a number of variables including; the pigment used, the depth of the pigment, the application style (microblading vs. shading) and the amount of saturation. Other variables include your overall health, efficiency of your immune system, your lifestyle and sun exposure.

Will my brows turn colours?

Most brows do turn colours during the removal process but they will eventually fade completely.

Will there be any scarring from the laser?

No, the laser will not cause any scarring. If scarring exists from the PMU application then it might be visible once the pigment is removed.

Can I wear makeup after laser tattoo removal?

Yes, you may apply makeup to conceal your brows 12 hours after your treatment.

How long do I have to wait to the gym after getting brow removal?

You may go to the gym 48 hours after getting laser removal for your brows.

Can I get laser removal if I've had saline removal done?

Yes, you may get laser removal done after saline removal however, we do suggest that you wait 8-12 weeks after your saline removal session to ensure the skin is in perfect condition for laser treatment.