Microblading and Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal

At Studio Kiku we offer safe & effective microblading and eyebrow tattoo removal with the use of the world's most advanced laser: The PicoWay.

Working at a pulse rate that's 1000 times faster than traditional tattoo removal lasers, The PicoWay allows for complete clearance of unwanted tattoos in less time.

Skin will be red and slightly swollen immediately after treatment. This result is completely expected and the redness / irritation will subside within 24-48 hours.

The removal process for both microblading and cosmetic tattoo removal is similar to that of our regular tattoo removal. Skin is first thoroughly cleansed and prepped, then cooled with the Zimmer Cryo Chiller to help naturally numb the area.

After the targeted area has been treated with the PicoWay laser, an all-natural aftercare ointment is provided to the client to help soothe the skin. When combined, these steps require about an hour of time for the initial treatment; all are vital to achieving safe, accurate and effective results.

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