PicoWay Success After Saline Tattoo Removal Failed

Laser Tattoo Removal for Microblading

Our client has had (5) sessions of saline tattoo removal at another clinic with no success.

After hearing wonderful things about the PicoWay Laser she decided to give us a call.

The photo on the left shows the eyebrow before laser treatment.

The photo on the right shows the eyebrow immediately after the first laser treatment.

As you can see, the existing hair was not damaged but the pigment was effectively targeted.

Laser Tattoo Removal for PMU such as #microblading #ombrebrows #combobrows #nanobrows #powderbrows typically requires 2-3 sessions for complete removal. Results vary from person to person.

Each session should be spaced out 8 weeks apart for best results.

When coupled with the #ZimmerChiller the PicoWay's photoacoustic pulse is virtually painless. Minor irritation will subside within 12-24hrs.

Contact Studio Kiku to inquire about laser tattoo removal for your unwanted PMU.

The #PicoWay safely & effectively targets pigment without damaging the skin or hair.

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