SMP Laser Removal - Botched Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Yet another SMP gone wrong. This time we're removing an entire hairline that looks completely unnatural. The shape of the hairline and the application of the pigment are way off. The results of this botched SMP job have left this gentleman jobless and embarrassed to go out in public without wearing a hat.

Thankfully laser treatment with the PicoWay is highly effective and safe for Scalp Micropigmentation. We anticipate 2-3 sessions of laser treatment for complete removal. Once the SMP is removed we'll be adding a new, properly done SMP.

Many clients ask, "How can I remove my SMP?"

The answer is simple. Book a free consultation (we're doing consults via video chat during Covid) and find out how SMP can be lightened, adjusted or completely removed.

Scalp Micropigmentation removal for botched SMP with the PicoWay - whether it's too dark, unrealistic results, too low... etc. It's all possible.