Why Saline Removal is Not the Best Option for Eyebrow Removal

With the massive influx of permanent makeup clinics opening up we're seeing an increasing number of clients who've received less than desirable results from inexperienced permanent makeup providers.

Laser removal is an effective option when looking to remove or reshape micro bladed brows, powder brows, nano brows or combo brows.

Many of our clients have tried Saline Removal first before changes their course of action. We've been hearing horror stories about saline removal for microblading.

Most of our clients who've had saline removal complain about the skin irritation caused by the saline solution. Many of them also experience skin damage that leads to scarring.

Saline removal is not the best option for eyebrow removal for the reasons mentioned above. We suggest exploring laser tattoo removal with the PicoWay at Studio Kiku instead.