Laser tattoo removal

Lighten, adjust or completely remove traditional tattoos, permanent makeup or scalp micropigmentation with the PicoWay.

The PicoWay system uses ultra-short picosecond pulses that are in the trillionths of a second. Safe & effective for all skin types.


Picosecond pulses minimize risk of side effects such as scarring and hypopigmentation that can occur with slower, nanosecond (Q-switch) pulse lasers.

Safely treat a wide range of tattoos - even difficult-to-treat blue and green tattoos with the PicoWay.

The PicoWay is capable of safely removing microblading, ombré, powder, nano and/or combination brows without the need to shave the existing hair. Hair follicles will not be damaged. 


The PicoWay is safe for any skin colour and it has been proven effective for the removal of almost any pigment including red, pink, brown and blue. 


* The amount of treatments required to lighten or completely remove a tattoo varies from person to person depending on a number of variables.